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Smart home
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Connect together through a home network. It provides a variety of functions and means such as home appliance control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding and programmable timing control. On the one hand, smart home will allow users to have more convenient means to manage home devices, such as controlling home devices through smart phones, tablet computers, touch screens, etc., which can perform scene operations and make multiple devices form a linkage; on the other hand, various devices in smart home can communicate with each other without user command, and can operate interactively according to different states Line, so as to bring maximum efficiency, convenience, comfort and safety to users.

Main control objects:

Light control, dimming control

Electric curtain, sun blind

Temperature control (e.g. fan coil / ground heating / radiator)

AV control (e.g. projector / TV / DVD)

Indoor call system

Home security control, remote control
System signal monitoring, indoor intercom, background music

Touch screen central control

Main control mode:

Manual control, timing control, scene control, iPad mobile phone remote control, and temperature and humidity monitoring linkage.


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