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Encounter smart home, KNX technology achieves Smart Life

The "3rd cshia smart home system engineers' meeting and 2016 China smart home regional summit forum" hosted by China smart home industry alliance (cshia) was held in Shanghai San Ravi Hall (Pudong Branch) on July 7. On the basis of the success of the previous two sessions, the theme of this session is "I intelligence · come together", which further brings together nearly 700 participants from 12 sessions of cshia training, 2 sessions of smart home technology special training, representatives of regional distributors, as well as the president of the alliance and representatives of governing units.

As the director unit of China smart home industry alliance, we are fully involved in this activity. Li Liqing, deputy general manager of GVS, made a speech on the theme of KNX technology and smart home application in the forum link focusing on "innovation, integration and interconnection".

Current situation and standard of smart home technology

Speaking of the pain point of smart home market, "there is no unified industry standard" seems to be a well-known topic. Various kinds of incompatible products of major, medium and small manufacturers flooded the market, forming the division situation of princes competing for hegemony in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. According to the current situation of the lack of national standards for smart home, Lei Jun put forward suggestions on speeding up the development of national standards for smart home.

Is it true? Mr. Li does not agree with this point. In fact, the intelligent industry has unified technical standards, such as KNX protocol. Because of its stability, reliability, flexibility, convenience, openness, universality and compatibility, KNX protocol is the only worldwide open standard in the field of housing and building control, and it has been widely used in the world.

• became a European standard in 2003 (CENELEC en 50090)

• international standard in 2006 (ISO / IEC 14543-3)

China standard in 2013 (GB / T 20965-2013)

GVS is the main drafting member enterprise of GB / t20965-2013 national standard. In addition to the formulation of KNX national standard, GVS, together with China smart home industry alliance and many alliance enterprises, has jointly built villakit, a product integration platform for villa intelligent research and development, which is positioned to meet the standardization needs of high-end integration projects. In addition, the released control free integration service platform for public products forms a complementary positioning, which can meet the differentiated needs of users in the smart home market and provide multiple and open cooperation platforms for relevant enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. At the same time, the promotion of cshia-fc-gw-01, the first smart home alliance standard, was fully carried out. On this basis, a smart home solution of "easy integration, simple installation and stable operation" was truly formed.

At the same time, in order to promote the standardization construction, China smart decoration Commission is launching the white paper on technology for Indoor Intelligent Information cabling system of buildings, which is also the core member unit of GVS visual audio standard drafting. With the clear market demand and continuous improvement of technology, the pace of industry standardization construction is coming. GVS visual sound focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of products, and vigorously promotes the specification and implementation of technical standards in the industry.

Smart home technology status and application landing

About the mainstream dispute between wired and wireless systems! Mr. Li's point of view: wired or wireless? There is no standard answer, only application is the best. It is important to effectively apply the most reasonable intelligent technology in combination with the actual needs of the application site, and meet the needs of customers. Our point of view is that both stable wired bus system and flexible and portable wireless system are important Organic combination of hybrid networking will be the future trend. Since KNX Intelligent System entered the Chinese market with its leading, open and stable advantages, its technology application and supporting products have become increasingly rich. While more and more commercial projects have been applied, its development in the field of smart home has also attracted much attention, and it has become a new favorite in the industry.

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