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Intelligent building intelligent building must use KNX cable protocol

Intelligent building is a popular protocol now. Although the current smart home is not fully popular, the support of current policies can already see how intelligent building is, and its future must be expected. What do we mean by KNX protocol for intelligent building today? Or what is KNX? I believe you can understand it after reading the introduction below.

KNX is a kind of intelligent protocol, which belongs to the wired protocol. Of course, the wired protocol is not only KNX, but now many buildings are taking this as the standard. In the future, whether the government will adopt this as the standard protocol is the future, but I believe it has a great chance of being elected.

And why do intelligent buildings have to use wired protocol instead of wireless protocol?

First of all, the wireless protocol is stable. Its stability is mainly for places with very large area. Intelligent buildings must have such a protocol. If it's a family, then the small edition can support you to buy wireless products directly, but the best place is to use wired. Cable is not only stable, but also its scene. The layout of the scene is very attractive. If you don't know enough about it, you can first go to the market to see such a product. Its scene can be arranged at will, so powerful that you can't think of it.

In the intelligent building, Xiaobian's most recommended products are those used in public places, such as hotels and restaurants, which can greatly increase the characteristics of public places. The light can be dimmed or lightened slowly, or it can be turned off after it is lightened slowly. Just like the current music, the moment you turn off it is not to stop it directly, but to slow it down Stop slowly, it doesn't feel very abrupt.

There are many products of KNX protocol on the market now. In fact, for many people, this protocol has become a standard protocol, because many large-scale projects use KNX protocol, which you may not know, but it is true that the building around you may be the protocol used, and the effect it can achieve is recognized by the industry.

The title must use KNX protocol to determine the current market situation and product stability. Minggang also saw this situation and complied with the needs of many customers. It began to move forward in this direction slowly. The combination of wireless and online is believed to make Minggang go further and make users more satisfied with our products Meaning.

If you don't know KNX so well now, you must have a good look at the current market. If you want to join in or want to cooperate with the project, you can communicate and understand directly, or go to some intelligent exhibition halls. Of course, Minggang has its own exhibition hall, which will officially open in March 2019. If you are interested, you are welcome to all industries interested Come and watch.

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