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Which is better, the wired KNX protocol or the wireless ZigBee protocol?

We all know the wired KNX protocol and the wireless ZigBee protocol when we know about intelligent products. Today's topic is which one is better. I don't know how you see it. The following analysis only represents the opinions of Xiaobian. More opinions are welcome to communicate.

Wired KNX protocol and wireless ZigBee protocol

Wired and wireless have their own advantages. In fact, sometimes they can't be confused. The current cable protocol is generally used for large buildings and villas, because it will be relatively stable, and the requirements for stability of large buildings are relatively high, so there will be no frequent maintenance; and the wireless products are more for the home, because the current wireless is not so stable, in the case of large area control, there will inevitably be instability, but now In 5g, it has been put forward. Whether the instability of products can be solved in the future is another question. Of course, if the unstable situation is solved, the cost performance of wireless products is absolutely high, and the installation is not so complicated.

But now, if you don't know KNX, you can check it first. KNX has been around for a long time. In foreign countries, such a protocol has been widely used, so its stability is visible to the naked eye, and the control of the cable should be more flexible, and the setting of the scene will be more rational, which is also the reason why large buildings and some public spaces strongly recommend using the cable.

Wired KNX protocol and wireless ZigBee protocol

The wireless ZigBee is the protocol that our company has been using. With the development of these years, the wireless protocol is constantly updating itself, and the function and appearance of the product are more and more suitable for the user's needs, so the status is not inferior to that of the cable.

At present, the status of the two is the same, aiming at different products, so if you want to make smart home products now, you can be like Minggang, an integrator of smart home, combining wired and wireless. Such a combination is absolutely stable and can reduce the price to the greatest extent. After all, we also know that wired products are very expensive, some of them are very expensive If you use wireless space, you can definitely save part of the cost.

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