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Welcome to visit Hong Kong Jinuo Industrial Development Co., Ltd. 
Our strengths
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Ingenuity Technology
Quality concept
Deep development
Intimate service
The source ensures the quality, and the work
is meticulous,Quality and performance
Scientific management system
and advanced technology
Integration of production and research,
reasonable market operation
Three guarantees for products and
first-class after-sales service
Company profile
Specializing in smart home design
Hong Kong Jinuo Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2012 and is headquartered in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It has branches in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is a technology R&D company dedicated to building intelligent systems. The company's technology R&D personnel account for nearly 80% of the total number of companies. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights and complies withthe KNX/EIB international standards for product and application system development. To meet the market demand of intelligent development of buildings and homes, provide all-round product and technical servicesfor partners. Based on years of experience in intelligent product research and development in various fields,relying on strong technology development capabilities and application integration capabilities, Hong Kong JinuoIndustrial Development Co., Ltd. is building its own technology R&D brand LENGEN.....   
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Intelligent control at home and enjoy life
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Address: Room B07, 23 / F, luxury industrial building, 26-38 kuichang Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong